2014 - 2015- 2016 Trans Am Champions!!

Ernie Francis Jr.

  • Car Number: 98

  • Manufacturer: Mazda/Chevy

  • Model: MX5/Camaro

  • World Challenge Class: TC

  • Trans Am Class: TA3A


Ernie Francis, Jr. was born and raised in South Florida. His father, Ernie Francis, was a race car driver, and as a result, Ernie has been around racing his entire life. In 2011, at age 13, Ernie made the move from karts to cars, piloting his Spec Miata to 18 Top Ten finishes, 10 Top Five finishes, 6 Podium appearances and 2 Wins from 18 races. In 2012, while 14 years old, he again demonstrated his tremendous talent by winning championships in both NASA (National Auto Sport Association) and FARA (Formula Automobile Racing Association). Of 34 races, Ernie grabbed 32 Top Ten finishes, 26 Top Five finishes, 25 Podium appearances and 21 Wins.

In 2013, upon turning 15 years old, Ernie Francis Jr. became the youngest, licensed, professional driver competing in the Pirelli World Challenge Championships. Ernie captured top honors as “Rookie of The Year” with numerous podium appearances and winning a total of 7 races; more wins than any other driver in any class. Ernie Francis, Jr. finished the season in Third Place in the TCB class with the proud support of his partners – Festivals of Speed, Breathless Performance Products, Racequip, Bullseye Powder Coating and Florida Lithographix.

2014 saw Ernie Francis, Jr. racing in the Pirelli World Challenge in TCA with a Mazda MX-5 and the Trans Am Series in TA3-A driving a Camaro GTS. Again, Ernie dominated. He had 11 podiums out of 14 races in TCA and took home 3rd in the championship. In Trans Am, Ernie made it to the podium 9 times out of 11 races. He won on 6 of those occasions and became the youngest driver ever to claim the title of “Trans Am Champion”. Ernie could not have done so well this past year without the help of his partners – some of which included The Brain Injury Association, Breathless Performance, Racequip and CoolShirt.

2015 has Ernie racing again in Trans Am and in World Challenge. Now he has moved up to the competitive TC class in World Challenge. Ernie has made it his goal to win another championship this year.

For the most recent updates about his season, follow Ernie on FacebookTwitterYouTube and on his websitewww.ErnieFrancisJrRacing.com

Visiting Sheridan House
Giving the kids the thrill of being in a race car.

Trans Am Championships winners banquet. 

It's Official - Ernie Francis Jr. is the 2014 Trans Am TA3 American Muscle Champion !

Wow! We are the Trans Am Champions!


So many people helped me get here.


First of all I want to thank my dad for all the encouragement and sacrifice he's made in my career so far. You always have my back and I love you dad.


If you don't know, I have one of the best crews in this series.


I need to thank Bill, Austin, Scotty and Jean.
You all work so hard at making my experience at every event look easy.I couldn't do any of this without you guys, nor would I want to.


I also want to thank my sponsors:

The Traumatic Brain injury foundation, A+ Home Rentals, RaceQuip, Cool shirt, and my school, Time4Learning.


I want to thank my mom and step mom for all your love and prayers.


Thank you Trans Am for the great series you put on.


This last race at Daytona was crazy. I decided to make friends with a tire barrier in qualifying after setting a good lap. Our great crew put the car back together and we headed out for the race.

At the start we got held up in traffic allowing Dean to slip away. We were able to maintain sight of Dean as the race went on. Our front bumper clips broke in the accident and decided to completely fail in the race causing our front to lift up creating a parachute down the straights. This therefor slowed our top speed several mph. We kept Dean in sight and on the last lap he slowed after an eclectically gremlin and we were able to make the pass for the lead. We won our 6th race of the season and further increased our championship lead.


This year has been amazing.


I'm already looking forward to next year.


So get ready everybody, next year will be even better. -Ernie Francis Jr.

Final Trans Am Championship race for 2014.

The final Trans Am Championship race of the 2014 season is this weekend November 15th at the Daytona International Speedway. Ernie Francis Jr. will run this last race of the season first place in points of the TA3A class. He will be crowned the youngest champion ever, at 16 years of age, of the TA3 class this Saturday nights banquet.

“For over 20 years, Wally Dallenbach, Jr., held the record of youngest Trans Am Champion, from his first Championship in 1985 at the age of 22. In 2013, Cameron Lawrence broke Dallenbach’s mark by a single year at the age of 21. Now, Francis sets his own mark, at five years Lawrence’s (then) junior.” – gotransam.com

Ernie Jr. has had an incredible run this season which had some ups and downs this season, but managed to take the championship.

If you will be in the area and want to see the race, please feel free to contact Breathless Racing for more information.

Be sure to read the victory write up on the Trans Am website after the Virginia win.

Trans Am - Virginia Int'l Raceway Alton, VA

Ernie Francis Jr. Professional Race Car Driver takes pole, track record and the win at VIR with Trans Am pro racing. 


Our team made history today. Ernie Francis Jr is now the youngest Trans Am champion ever. This being done even with one race left in the season. He now has five podium wins for his record in Trans Am. So many people to thank it is unreal!

We dedicate this race and this championship to all of those affected by TBI! They were with us on the car for the entire weekend and gave us the wings to fly and win. We did it! This one was for you guys!

Thank you to our sponsors: 

-Every1Wins Racing 



-JRI Shocks 

-Excelsior Racing 

Without their equipment and support we would not be here. Also we have the BEST team as our crew. Each and every one is dedicated to this sport and our goal to be the best. We are one big racing family. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

Read the write up about this exciting win on the Go Trans Am website.

Trans Am Lime Rock Park Lakeville, CT 

What a weekend!

After totally dominating the Brainerd race, Ernie Francis Jr grabbed the coveted pole starting position for Lime Rock and was the current leader in points for the championship and hoping to extend that lead.

After the dust had settled at Lime Rock, Jr not only won the race, he had the most laps led in the race and propelled him further into the lead in points which set him closer to taking the championship.

This was an incredible weekend racing event that featured a fan walk which gave the fans access to meet and greet the drivers and get a chance to get photographed with the drivers.

It's always a great treat for drivers to have one on ones with the fans, and Lime Rock didn't fail to deliver. The parade of fans seeking autographs, pictures and handshakes was a humbling experience. We appreciate and thank everyone that stopped by to give and share their support.

My second World Challenge season is in the books - Miller Mosports Park Utah 

My second World Challenge season is in the books. It has been a crazy one, full of ups and downs, odd breaks and great racing. 

We went into the last event at Miller in 3rd in points. To win it all, we needed a clean sweep of the weekend and some bad luck for our competitors.

Sadly, we weren't so lucky in the final events.

Our first race went well and saw us having an amazing battle with the points leader, but finished 3rd. The race was a massive amount of fun.

Going into the second race, due to some driver swaps and points changes I had the second place position in sight...as long as we finished. We lined up on the starting grid in 2nd place, we had a good shot at the win. When the lights went off, we failed to get moving. A half shaft snapped clean in 2 at the drop of the clutch. The amazing crew on the Breathless team did a great job changing the shaft to get me back out there to get some points, and hopefully 2nd in the championship. With 15 minutes left in the race the car was ready to go back out. Unfortunately, World Challenge said we failed to meet there 70% rule, which specifies, we must complete 70 percent of the race to be able to go back out. We ended up finishing 3rd in the championship. Not where we wanted to be, but it was a great come back to missing the race at Barber. 

It was a great season that ended in heartbreak...reminds me of last year. 
Believe me, we are hungry for a PWC championship win. We will come back next year stronger then ever.

Special thanks to all my sponsors who supported me this year:
-Every1Wins Racing
-The Brain Injury Foundation

Also, thanks to the whole Breathless crew on their great work all season.

In the mean time, let's try to take home that Trans Am TA3 championship! 3 more races and we have a good shot at the win.

Total TCA Dominance at Brainerd International Raceway

PWC Podium in round win

What an amazing weekend for us at BIR!

First off, I would like to thank the team for all of the effort they put in. Secondly, my sponsors Every1Wins Racing, The Brain Injury Foundation, RaceQuip, and CoolShirt.

We started out the weekend emptying our shoes of rain and drying our hair with towels. We got on track and tried to learn the best we could in the damp conditions. The rain decided to hold off for the rest of the weekend surprisingly. We ended up starting 2nd for the first PWC race. We got a great launch and held the lead into turn 1. From there I never
looked back and pulled a comfortable 20 second gap.

We basically achieved a perfect scenario race which we were able to repeat the following day in the 2nd race, pulling a 24 second lead. We aren't close enough to take the points lead yet, but anything can happen at Miller! 

The Trans Am race was a bitter sweet one. A faulty radiator cap on the car saw us visiting the pits early to fix the issue. We went back out 1 minute down from the rest of the field.

I pushed the car as hard as I could and was able to close the gap and take 4th, then 3rd and lastly 2nd. 1st was just a little to far up the road.

Given a few more laps, it might have been another story. We still hold the points lead and are 1 step closer to the Trans Am championship.

I have to congratulate Fernando Seferlis on his first ever pro race podium, Jason Fichter on getting a strong finish and Chris Holter on completing his first pro race with out incident. See you all at the last PWC race at Miller!

A winning weekend at Round 7 of the Trans Am Championships in Mid-Ohio


Ernie Francis, Jr., in the No. 9 Breathless Performance Chevrolet Camaro, led the American Muscle Group, and all of TA3, with a time of 1:29.746, setting a track record and continuing his recent dominance of the group. The pole was enough to propel him into first place in the points.

“The new suit got christened this weekend in a big way. Three back to back wins, a pole position, fastest lap, track record, and the championship points lead! I really love this track and we were ecstatic to continue our winning ways here in Mid Ohio. The team really gave me a great car to compete with this weekend. We couldn’t have done it without the support from our sponsors Every1Wins Racing, Traumatic Brain Injury Foundation, TBI Radio Network, Racequip, RPS Clutches, and Coolshirt.” -Ernie Francis Jr

Big shout out to Taylor Byrne for the instructing during the weekend and to Fernando Seferlis, as he really picked up the pace and is running quick.



Ernie Francis Jr sets new pole and track record in the Trans Am qualifying at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course!!

“The team gave me a great car this weekend and I’m looking forward to trying to bring it home in 1st.” - Ernie Francis Jr

Provisional Qualifying time was 1:29.746 with a speed of 90.575 MPH giving Ernie Jr the lead in points for the start of round 7 of the series.

“The championship battle is really heating up as we are now in the lead in points.” - Ernie Francis Jr


10 Questions with Ernie Francis Jr

A great question and answer session with Matt Kistler for North American Sports Car done just before his big TA3 race at Mid-Ohio. The discussion covered a wide range of topics like the different car classes he drives in, his favorite track and much more.

Read 10 Questions 

Ernie Francis Jr  ends the PWC Mid-Ohio weekend with 2 podium finishes!

Ended the weekend with 2 podium finishes! First off, I would like to thank the whole Breathless crew for getting my car back to normal after the electrical glitch we experienced at Road America. The car felt good on the track and I was loving being back at Mid Ohio again after my previous success there in the 2013 Pirelli World Challenge. After performing well in qualifying, we watched the radar closely for nearby storms. I have to be honest, I wanted it to rain. It's a great equalizer! What I didn't want was for it to start raining when we were on grid AND on slicks, but, that's what we got! The Mx5 struggled with grip in the beginning and allowed the Kia to pull a large gap. Holbrook, Cherry and I raced hard from start to finish. During the last lap there was a incident between those 2 which gave me an easy path to second place! The 2nd race of the weekend was a special one. I had the honor of having a very remarkable young lady be my flag girl. She is recovering from a traumatic brain injury and was visiting as a guest of my sponsor, the Traumatic Brain Injury Network. She did a fantastic job! The race started off hectic with a slower TC car holding us up and allowing Holbrook to get to a lead that we couldn't make up. I was left to battle Cherry and Wolfe. It went on for some time before we eventually got around both of them and cruised to another second place finish! Given a few more laps, I believe we could have closed in on Holbrook to take the win.

Thanks to my sponsors Every1Wins Racing, Traumatic Brain Injury Network, Racequip and CoolShirt. Also special thanks to Matt Duffin for the awesome "I love brain injury survivors" wristband and shirt. I can't wait to head back to Mid Ohio in a week for the Trans Am race!

Ernie Francis Jr takes his second Trans Am TA3 victory in a row at Road America.

In TA3 American Muscle, Trans Am rookie Ernie Francis, Jr., in the No. 9 Breathless Performance JRI Shocks Chevrolet Camaro, captured his second consecutive victory in Trans Am’s production-based class. Francis, Jr. started second in the class behind the No. 39 Tremec/ SKF/ Backstreet/ Chevrolet Performance Chevrolet Camaro, of Todd Napieralski, and followed him for the first four laps of the race before taking first position, which he held for the remainder of the race. Napieralski would finish third, and the No. 37 JOMAC Bodies and Cranes/ Deb’s Peppers Ford Mustang of Rich Jones finished second.

Thank you JRI for the suspension that had my car handle like it was on rails.

Jason Fichter and Ernie Ty Francis Jr. Take podium finishes at the Fara 300
Jason and Ernie Jr on the podium
Breathless Performance Racing Team pro drivers Jason Fichter and Ernie Francis Jr. take podium finishes at the Fara 300 sprint races in their individual classes. Ernie jr started the enduro in his mx5 cup Mazda on the pole for the Sunset 300 Fara homestead race. Then retired the car after 30 min to get ready to co drive with his teammate Jason with the mini.

Ernie Francis Jr makes it to the podium three time in New Jersey 

Takes the win in Trans Am TA3 Class.

First time win for the youngest pro driver in Trans Am in TA3 Class, Ernie Francis Jr. Professional Race Car Driver takes the victory at New Jersey Motorsports Park.


In World Challenge we took 3rd and 2nd. Best of all, we are going home with a nearly scratch-less car and valuable points.


In Trans Am we had a fun battle with the other drivers and finally got our first win. The team really earned that win and gave me an amazing car to do it in. Special thanks to my dad and my family back home for all the support.

Ernie Francis Jr interviewed after his TA3 Win

Ernie Francis Jr. takes 4 podium finishes at Canada Motorsports Park including 1st place in TCA class

1st Place TCA Canada 2014

Another Big Win for Ernie Francis Jr. this past weekend in the Pirelli World Challenge Championship TC/TCA/TCB ROUND 4 race, as part of the Victoria Day Weekend at Canadian Tire Motorsports Park.

In Touring Car A, Jason Wolfe, of Mt. Vernon, Ohio in the No. 36 led the whole way until the second last lap of the race when Francis Jr., of Dania, Fla., in the No. 98 Breathless Performance Mazda MX-5 who had started second, passed to take the lead. Francis Jr. end up winning the race by 5.845 seconds. The pass by Francis Jr. netted him the Cadillac CTS-V Move of the Race and Stop-Tech Brake Late, Finish First award.

“At the beginning of the race I was sliding all over the place, I was just trying to find grip out there, and one of my teammates Jason Cherry, made a mistake on turn #9, got sideways and I was able to get by him and move into second place,” said Francis Jr., “and then it was just chasing down Wolfe and keeping the pressure on him until he finally made a mistake and I was able to get on the inside of him on turn #3 and squeeze him to the outside and then kept on going.”

A very touching letter from a fan we met in Canada for the Pirelli World Challenge and Trans Am races.


This goes straight to the heart and made our trip worthwhile. If we can just help one child with what we do then that is priceless :

Read more about Talia

Ernie Jr's successful weekend at Daytona SCCA Pro Races May 3 - 4 2014  
Gearing up for the race.

Congratulations to Breathless Performance Racing team drivers Jason cherry and Ernie Francis Jr for their great finishes at the Daytona Scca races. They both participated in 2 races over the weekend. Race one Jason 1st Jr 2nd. Second race Jr 1st and Jason 2nd. This was a test session for us before their World Challenge Pro race at Mosport in Canada in 2 weeks..


Special thanks to crew chief Tim Mincey coming to help out.

Jason Cherry, Ernie Francis Jr & Tim Mincey

Breathless Performance Racing Team does it again this past Sunday April 13th 2014.

Winning in the 2 hr enduro for the fara 200 in our TCB Pirelli World Challenge Mazda 2. Team drivers Ernie Francis Jr. Professional Race Car Driver, Jason Cherry and Tim Mincey drive the Mazda 2 to victory lane today after a 2 hr race.

Congrats to Jason Cherry and Ernie Ty Francis Jr. For there great races today at homestead speedway for the Fara 200 championships. Race 1 with his GTS world challenge Camaro in MP1 Ernie Francis jr takes pole and wins the race. Race 2 Ernie jr takes 2nd place after in a yellow checker run. He was hoping for a last lap green but finished in yellow. Great run in the camaro against some tough competition.

March 3rd 2014 Trans Am Championships

Ernie Jr finished just a few feet behind Dean Martin on the last lap dash for the checkered flag in TA3. It was close the entire race with Ernie and Dean swapping the lead many times. Ernie Jr was setting up Dean for a last lap pass when Jrs car lost all power from a computer glitch. Jr had to reset the power and bump start the car to catch Dean again. Jr caught Dean on turn 17 and was going to try a pass in the turn when a TA2 car decided to dive bomb on the inside and block Jrs move which caused Jr to have to wait for the TA2 car to go by then turn in for a drag race to the finish with Dean winning by a few feet.